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Upcoming Deadlines:

To register as a Nevada County Representative for CSEF or CA Student Media Festival - Please submit your project registration online by March 8, 2024 by 9PM at

Extended Deadline: Register STEAM Arts (not eligible for CA Student Media Festival) and TK-5th Grade (Non-CSEF Science Projects) by April 24, 2024. Registration is open at


2024 Arts Competition - Top Finishers

2024 Scientific Inquiry Competition - Top Finishers & CSEF Nominations

2024 Tech Test Jr. - Advanced Math Competition - Grades 5-8

Tech Test Jr.

Tech Test Jr.

For 2024, 82 students in 5th-8th grade from 16 Nevada County schools participated in the 13th annual TechTest Jr. Math competition in late February.
TechTest Jr. is a math exam that tests students’ critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
Special thanks to our community partners AJA Video and NC Media for their gracious support of our students. 


If you would like more information, please contact us at or find us on Twitter @nevcoexpo