STEAM Arts Showcase

REGISTER YOUR K-12 Student Art Project before 5pm on March 23, 2022

Go to: to submit your project today!

Schools are limited to 4 projects submissions per grade level per school site.

We're putting the A in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math) in our STEAM 22 Virtual Showcase Competition.

All Nevada County students are invited to showcase their creative talents in our K-12 STEAM Arts Showcase and Da Vinci Competition. Through this challenge, students will be asked to discover fun and engaging ways to apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM concepts through the Arts.

The outcomes for this showcase and competition are to inspire students to look at their artwork as a form of inquiry. With this in mind, project submissions should:

  • Encourage creative thinking and problem solving

  • Inspire creative inquiry

  • Showcase hands-on explorations of STEAM connections

STEAM Art Project Requirements

Inquiry: Students attempt to answer a question, solve a problem, or observe an issue or phenomenon through their artwork.

Process: Students must include accompanying text that describes the creative process, including revisions, challenges, discoveries, and tools or technology used to complete the project.
Outcome: The final piece must be finished and ready for presentation in an electronic format and uploaded to by Wednesday, March 23, 2022 before 5pm.

Students are asked to submit an Artist's Statement along with their completed registration. This statement should be limited to 250 words or less, and may be a written electronic submission under the project description, or added as a video entry along with the project entry. The statement should describe the problem, question, issue, or phenomena being showcased, along with a narrative of the creative process (a story of how this piece was created). Artists are reminded to connect learning through art to the inquiry process. Consider the way that your art helps model understanding, convey ideas, describe phenomena, observe issues, and solve problems.

Art as a Form of Inquiry, Method of Pedagogy, and Way of Knowing

  • Art as a Form of Inquiry, Method of Pedagogy, and Way of Knowing.

  • Art is effective at engaging and distilling complex and dynamic problems.

  • Art challenges habits and certitude.

  • Art engages all of the senses and sense-making capacities of the learner.

  • Art provides opportunities for synthesis and personal meaning-making.

  • Both artists and scientists pursue the big questions of their times.

  • Explore the arts and the Studio Habits of Mind

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