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ART Exhibits

Artistic Inquiry Registration 
Grades K - 12 
April 6, 2019 
Main Street Center, Nevada County Fairgrounds 

The STEAM Expo Arts Team is looking for art in any medium that shows an artistic process of inquiry and observation. The process through which all Arts are created is akin to the processes of the Sciences. All endeavors in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math rely on the creativity and innovation of the Arts. The arts can be the inspiration to start scientific inquiry, and they can also provide the tools to bring all the elements of STEM together to express, produce, and create ideas. The Arts also stand alone, as observations and expressions of the world around us and within each one of us.

Entries must be submitted electronically (if it is a physical piece, we need to know the dimensions of the piece) no later than March 15, 2019 to Kristanne Heaton at kheaton@nevco.org. 

STEAM Expo 2019 Arts Guidelines 
Each piece submitted must show the creative process of inquiry. 
Inquiry - answer a question, try to solve a problem, or observe an issue or phenomenon. 
Process - there must be accompanying text that describes the process used to create the piece, including revisions, and tools or technology used. 
Outcome - the final piece must be finished and read for presentation. 

VIDEO and PERFORMING ARTS Media Entries: Must include - 
1) a Title page with the Inquiry Question/Issue/Problem,
2) a Credits page with all students’ names, grades, school, teacher name, 
3) a Process page with a description of the process and technology used. 
* If the piece is an audio recording, please include the above information as a slide that can be shown while the recording is playing.) 

VISUAL ART: Must have a typed label that includes all of the following information -
1) Title, 
2) Artist, 
3) Medium, 
4) the Inquiry Question/Issue/Problem, 
5) a description of the process and tools/technology used. 

NEW! Live Performances of music, theater, dance, or spoken word on the STEAM Expo Main Stage-
Contact Kristanne Heaton at kheaton@nevco.org or 478.6400 x2038 to make arrangements by March 15th.

No video or slideshow should contain violence, drugs, foul language, or overt sexual content. 
Participants must me Nevada County students in grades Kindergarten through 12th.
All questions can be directed to Kristanne Heaton: kheaton@nevco.org or 478.6400 x2038. 
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