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Optional: Art Self-Reflection Tool for Artists Statement
Appropriate for grades 5-12 . You will be prompted to "make a copy" which will allow you to edit and save this tool as needed.

Classroom Resources, Activities and Lesson Plans

When it comes to staying creative and making the most out of your classroom time, there are a number of resources to support your instruction.

How to make your classroom a STEAM classroom:

  • Add hands-on projects to your students’ day to let them be more involved

  • Include real-world problem-solving activities

  • Encourage question-asking

  • Let students make decisions about the projects they’re assigned

Making a lesson plan? Here’s a list to check the content and activities against to make sure they’re STEAM-approved:

  • There’s a connection between the STEM and the arts/design content

  • Both content areas are aligned and held to equal standards

  • The lesson encourages inquiry, problem solving and process-based learning

  • The arts content is being taught purposefully and as a way to enhance meaning

  • You have one of the four 21st century skills: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication

  • Students will apply skills or processes learned from previous instruction of both standards

  • Both STEM and arts knowledge is assessed equitably

Want to find some more online inspiration? Take a look at these resources.

Institute for Arts Integration & STEAM -

PBS Learning Media -

These free resources target student from K-12 and are searchable by grade, subject and type.

Here are 5 resources to get started with STEAM in the art room.

STEAM Art Lessons from Tricia Fuglestad’s Elementary ArtRoom
This resource has HUNDREDS of ideas of elementary STEAM lessons.

Art to Remember STEAM Lessons
This video shows how to create art with a doodle bot and a paint pendulum.

How to Easily Add STEAM to Your TAB Curriculum
This article from our archives has simple STEAM ideas for drawing, collage, origami, sculpture, and ceramics.

Use STEAM Initiatives to Build Art Appreciation
This article from our archives details a collaborative STEAM project that will allow students to find a deeper appreciation and value of the artistic process.

Five Easy Ways to Gather Steam in Your Art Room
This article from our archives shares five super simple ways to start bringing STEAM ideas into your classroom.